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I am an Iceland based set and costume designer working in theatre and film. Graduated with BA (honors) in Theatre Design from Wimbledon College of Art in 2015, where I partly trained under Michael Pavelka. I have worked as a set and costume designer since 2010. Inspired by that experience I decided to pursue my love of theatre design through a degree course at Wimbledon. I really enjoy the versatility in the theatre world, the intimacy that it offers the spectators and to be able to create an environment that transforms the audience into another worlds or dimensions. My design work to date includes: Macbeth of Fire and Ice, directed by Jón Gunnar Þórðarson at the Arcola Theatre London; Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare, Design Collaboration performance directed by Glen Neath performed at the WCA Theatre London; A+E, directed by Gabrielle Sheppard performed at the Corbett Theatre London; Film work includes costume design for Red Nose Day In Iceland – Comic Relief comedy sketches, directed by Silja Hauksdóttir; Head Piece design for the Weird Girls Project directed by Kitty Von Sometime and other film work with Icelandic film makers such as Baldvin Z and Styrmir Sigurðsson. I am very versatile and have a range of skills that cover model making, storyboarding, costume design, set construction and costume making.


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