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Corbette Theatre London


Opened to a sold out audience at the Corbette Theatre London in February 2015.


“Robyn fell, now we're here. That's the facts.”

At the end of a long party three girls wait in A+E for answers, time ticking by and questions spilling out.

Two people meet in a wasteland, sharing thoughts that no one else understands.One will fall in love, one will just fall.Or jump.

A play unafraid to explore the other side of the coin, swapping working class grit for hilarious drama that unpacks the middle class lifestyle...


Directed by Gabrielle Sheppard

Written by Lottie Finklaire

Designed by Sara Blöndal



"It’s a well-executed and insightful take on the pressures of youth"


☆☆☆ - Glen Pearce, The Public Reviews


☆☆☆ - Susan Mansfield, The Scotsman


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