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Götuleikhús Hins Hússins
Reykjavík Street Theatre


The Street Theatre is well known to many people and has been operated since 1994. Over the years, it has nurtured many youngsters that have later become well known artists. Every summer, people from 17 - 25 years of age get the opportunity to apply to work with the group. The Street Theatre hires a professional director and a costume designer to lead the work and the participants engage in every aspect of the preparation for the performances.
Hitt Húsið Street Theatre will transform the streets and squares of Reykjavík into vibrant and lively places this summer. It will emerge with surprising happenings that will cheer the audience and kindle excitement. Hitt Húsið Street Theatre is unique and creates ambitious and picturesque events that can change the viewer´s vision on the environment and art.


Director : Jón Gunnar Þórðarson

Set and Costume designer : Sara Hjördís Blöndal

Cast : Birkir Tjörvi Pálsson

Bjartur Örn Bachmann

Erna Mist

Halldóra Þöll Þorsteins

Ívar Ölmu Hlynsson

Jónatan Victor

Kristrún Kolbrúnardóttir

Óðinn Ásbjarnarson


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