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Episode 13 of The Weird Girls Project took place in volcano hit Þórsmörk and surrounding areas, producing a piece for Imogen Heap's Love the Earth score. Imogen gave Kitty two musical pieces and so the Episode is in two parts.

Kitty had wanted to work in Þórsmörk for several years but the costs of specialised transport made it unattainable. Following a fundraiser through the website the Project gained sponsorship from both Hostelling International Iceland and Reykjavík Excursions to enable the location to be possible. Pegasus also part sponsored the equipment which enabled Kitty to use the best available film equipment.

This Episode was gifted with perfect weather and the cast and crew of 36 were taken on a truly grueling day's filming. The experience was very emotional for all the women involved and it was referred to as a magical moment in their lives.

Part I is filmed around the stunning waterfall Seljalandsfoss and was incredibly difficult to film both from an equipment perspective and due to the freezing glacial water the women were soaked in. This piece is Kitty's personal favourite so far.

Part II took place around Húsadalur and follows the women drawing energy from water as they follow the river to its source and rebirth into strong and free spirits viewing the land they call home.

Producer, Concept Artist and Artistic Direction: Kitty Von-Sometime


Photo Credit : Kitty Von-Somtime

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