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I am in blood /
Stepp’d in so far that,
Should I wade no more, /
Returning were as tedious as go o’er.’

Macbeth of Fire and Ice is a fast paced, high energy and dynamic telling of the story of Macbeth, influenced by Norse mythology. The raw brutality of the Vikings, the Valkyries legendary powers of persuasion, a mystic forest covered in Nordic lights, earth incessantly bubbling, spewing volcanic eruptions and hissing hot springs make Macbeth of Fire and Ice.

The brutality of the actions will leave you with goose bumps…
…and still, the production sets out to sympathise with Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. The drive to fulfil an ambition is within every human being. Nowadays the moral boundaries of where and when to stop and control this drive have become increasingly blurred. Recognising continuously diminishing morals in every day’s news, it may be easier for us to understand the actions of a couple that cannot see another way out other than continuing to murder in order to protect themselves. The resulting madness and death may seem a high price to pay today…


Director: Jon Gunnar Þórðarson

Design: Sara Blöndal

Cast: Alex Britton, Mark Ebulue, Molly Gromadzki, Joseph Macnab, Harry Napier and Ben Syder.


At Studio 1, the Arcola Theatre London in 2013

Photo Credit : Jón Gunnar Þórðarson


"the overall effect was visually enthralling, whilst managing not to upstage the performance itself, and using the enjoyably uncommon space of the Arcola Theatre distinctively."

☆☆☆☆ - Phoebe Person, The Public Reviews

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