12 1/2 NIGHTS

Photo Credit : Sasha Mani

12 1/2 NIGHTS


Set & Costume Design in Collaboration with 6 other Designers

The WCA Theatre


Inspired by the story of Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare, this adaptation takes place at a fairground in the early hours of the morning. Viola meets Feste, the groundkeeper who assures her that the party is over and she was there all along. Failing to recollect the memories of the night that past Viola tries to uncover the truth by asking Feste a series of questions, only to relive the memories again and again…


Director: Glen Neath

Designers:  Sara Blöndal,  Sasha Mani,  Faye Mitchell,  Ella Clayton Bell,  Alex Purvis,  Sophie Sekine,  Katherine Argent



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