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Opened to a sold out audience at the Corbette Theatre London in February 2015.


Performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2015. Performed in Bunker Two at Pleasance @ 2:15.


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Directed by Gabrielle Sheppard

Written by Lottie Finklaire

Designed by Sara Blöndal



Second Place for the Scottish Daily Mail Award 2015.


Opened to a sold out audience at the Corbette Theatre London in May 2015.


Performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2015. Performed at Zoo in the Aviary @ 7:30.


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Directed by Dimitris Chimonas

Written by Gabrielle Sheppard

Designed by Sara Blöndal





The theft of art is an art in itself, and Molly and Lee think they’re masters of the craft. They’ve done the hard bit and “The Scream” is hanging on their safe-house wall. It’s worth over £74million… if only they could sell it! A dark and bloody comedy.


Winner of Scottish Daily Mail/Drama UK Awards 2015.


Inspired by the past thefts of The Scream and the Mona Lisa.


A dark comedy coming to Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2015.


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New Writing, Theatre, Comedy

The Lost Art Of Lost Art Blog


Written by James Hamilton

Designed by Sara Blöndal

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